Insectopia Insect Museum Costa Rica

The Insectopia Insect Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to insect preservation, research and education in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica.

Currently I donate my work, time and sometimes even funds to the Insectopia Insect Museum Costa Rica, as the Collection Manager & Curator. 
Insectopia aims to be the very first inventory of Osa Peninsula insects. 
That said, the word “Museum” is pretty much a projection of the goal our team is working on: being an institution open to the public where everyone can come and learn about the biodiversity and how to protect it. 

At Insectopia’s laboratory with students from the University of Vermont.

With Founder and Director of Insectopia, Jim Córdoba, PhD. Daniel Janzen and PhD. Winnie Hallwachs, on the very first National Congress of Butterflies and Related in Costa Rica.

Insectopia Insect Museum Costa Rica

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